AstroGrams™ NewsLetter: June, 5th 2020
AstroGrams™ Dispatch
When nothing on Earth will do...Say it in Space!
June 5th, 2020
Sending messages of Hope and Healing

Our unique way to share hope and thanks to those on the front lines and/or battling Covid-19...
"Our sincere condolences go out to all families who have lost loved ones to the virus..."
- AG Director, LMP Apollo 16 Astronaut Charlie Duke

A special piece of space!
Astrogram Plaque

Send your personalized AstroGram™ to the ISS round tip. Upon return it will be mounted on an official certificate of authenticity. Adding a frame makes a beautiful and special gift for your loved one or show piece for your home.

Out and about in Our Back yard...
Cape Canaveral, FL

The Space Coast is a great place to be for all things space! In February AstroGrams participated in Cape Canaveral's Friday Fest. It was a great time talking with locals and visitors, listening to great music and checking out the Space Art near City Hall! This mural celebrating the 50th Anniversary of Apollo 11 is a favorite.

"One Giant Leap for Mankind" by Anon
Skye Schwartz - "AstroSkye"
NASA Solar System Ambassador

"Soooo I got to do something super cool on Friday!! @AstroGramInc allows you to write a message and send it INTO SPACE!! If you can’t tell by the look on my face I was so stoked to do this! Thanks for coming by, checking out my presentation, and showing me what Astro Grams Inc. Is all about!" Follow @astroskyessa to find out about her events!⁣

Launch Update:
EOS Space Mission
Launch Partner - FireFly
Launch - Delayed to Q3
Space Coast Comicon!

What a blast AstroGrams had meeting so many cool "characters" and some Sci Fi Greats including Gil Gerard who played Buck Rogers of the 25th Century! It was awesome that Gil wanted to make an AstroGram™ to send into Space! See his message pictured!

Comicon Drawing Winner!

Gregory Andrews was the winner of a FREE AstroGram on the EOS Space Mission!

More hospital outreach...
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